KhalilAbad Cultural Heritage Base

Project name: KhalilAbad Cultural Heritage Base

Consultant: Part Andisheh Consulting Engineers

Client: Cultural Heritage of Handicrafts Tourism in Khorasan Razavi Province

Project manager: Mr.Sarafian & Mr.Gholami

Year: 2018

Area: 380 m^2

Design team: Part Architecture Atelier

Structural Expert: Mr.Azhdarifar

Mechanics Expert: Mr.Behnam

Electrical Expert: Mr.Barjasteh

Rendering: Mr.Hoseyni Rad

The design of the office building of Khalilabad Cultural Heritage Base was assigned to this company in 1397. Since Khalilabad city, due to its special climate and cultivation, in the design of this building, the use of houses with local grids that are built in a grid is the basis. The work is located. On the other hand, due to the location of the site in Khalilabad city park, establishing a connection with the surrounding space and expanding the space of the project with the surrounding environment was the main basis for the formation of the building mass.