Part Andisheh Sepeher

Company titel: Part Andisheh Sepehr Consulting Engineers

Board of Directors:  Mohammad Golami (Managing Director) Mohammad Sarafiyan (Chairman of the Board)

Year of establishment: 1393                       Registration Number:49423

Rank: Grade 3 Specialty in design of residential, commercial, administrative, industrial and military buildings

Part Andisheh Consulting Engineers has started its activities since 2012 with the aim of trying to link tradition and modernity, the board of directors of this company in order to implement their drawing thoughts, established Amud Gostar Setavand Company in 2013, resulting in the design and implementation of various construction projects.One of the most important policies of this company is to try to introduce and portray khorasani style and perhaps party architecture rooted in this ancient canvas, in this regard, this complex has held several domestic and foreign training courses to identify local architecture, resulting in holding a documentary camp for vernaduk with the support of Icomos and Iran’s asbads base in Nashyfan Khaf and Kong.

In recent years, the company has carried out several projects in various fields including tourism projects, commercial, administrative, residential and restoration projects and design of parks and urban green spaces as well as urban design.

Head Office: Mashhad_ Vakilabad Boulevard_ Brunsey Boulevard 22 (Goldis Street)_ Goldis 16_ Between Goldis 16/1 and 16/3_ Regin sprouse Complex_ No. 0

North Khorasan Office:

Contact Management: 09155043887 – 09153054620